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Elisa Guidarelli


CEO & Co-Founder - Dog-Friendly Ambassador

Elisa an entrepreneur in the dog-friendly sector from 2001 was born as a teleter & in 2010 she founded Wedding Dog Sitter establishing a new professional figure and in 2018 she founded Dog Business Revolution the only Business School for dog-friendly professionals in Italy. After so many years in this field she decides to found DOG IN DOG OUT to contribute to change the world, making it truly dog-friendly! Expert marketing strategist and brand ambassador in the dog industry for national brands. With DOG IN DOG OUT she provides hospitality companies with turnkey strategies to become 100% dog friendly, including operational protocols, staff training and retention strategy. She has authored 3 books. The strategies he has learned through the years have led him to: attract the interest of a hundred TV radio etc. including Sky, Mediaset, Rai, reputable magazines such as Millionaire, Panorama, Business People…

Emanuele Clemente


Sales Performer & Co-Founder

Emanuele is Elisa’s right-hand, sales director and national manager of the company Wedding Dog Sitter, specializes in high ticket performing sales and is a great expert in the dog-friendly universe. He is responsible for training and operational protocols in the companies he oversees. His goal is to boost their sales performance through practical, inclusivity-based protocols. His great listening skills make his selling smooth and effective.